The Pinch (2018)

After being denied the bonus and getaway that he was promised, a low-level mobster is nearly killed by the boss that he’s trusted for his entire life. Now, he’s coming back to get what’s rightfully his by force in writer/producer/director Ashley Scott Meyers’ latest movie.

Known for the film Ninja Apocalypse and writing Snake Outta Compton, Meyers is also behind the site Sell Your Screenplay. Here, he tells the story of Rob (Gunner Wright), who is trying to get what’s his from Kain (James Aston Lake, who did stunts in Deadpool).

Rob had been a courier for Kain and was caught by the police, but agreed to stay quiet and just go away. However, Kain sends killers after him instead. The cops are also on their way to try and get everyone put away while Rob’s girl Gina (Candice Bolek) is caught in the middle.

This movie aspires to be a Tarantino-esque film despite its low budget. James Ashton Lake is pretty funny in his role, but it feels like there could have been a bit more twists and turns in the tale. I’m also not a fan of CGI gunshots and wounds over practical effects, but understand the budgetary concerns.

You can watch this for free with an Amazon Prime membership.

Note: I was sent this movie by its PR team but that has nothing to do with this reviewer’s thoughts.

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