Scarecrows (1988)

Five well-trained paramilitary operatives have stolen $3 million dollars from Camp Pendelton and taken two hostages: a pilot and his daughter. As they force them to fly them out of the country, one of them steals the cash and parachutes out into a dark and foggy field. That sets the stage for Scarecrows.

After landing the plane, the robbers and their hostages head for an abandoned house. Soon, we learn that it has a demonic past, with scarecrows that come to life and slaughter anyone that comes near — adding their dead bodies to their number for all eternity.

Director and writer William Wesley is U.S. Army vet who also worked on episodes of Monsters and the movie Route 666. Here, he’s put together a taunt and quick moving film packed with quick shocks of gore and scarecrow mayhem, along with a totally downbeat ending.

There was plenty of drama behind the scenes, too, as actor Ted Vernon hated the director, feeling that he had wasted the budget that he helped raise (over $300,000 worth!). When the film was halfway finished, Wesley asked for more money and was turned down, eventually getting the rest from the father of his girlfriend, who he was going to reward with an executive producer credit before Vernon choked him.

I kinda love this little film, packed with splatter and unlikeable characters. It’s certainly not boring and really could use more people knowing all about it.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime or buy it from Shout! Factory.

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