Sleepstalker (1995)

Sometimes, I’m a glutton for punishment. Other times, my acid reflux wakes me up at 3:30 AM and I stay awake watching 1990’s direct-to-video horror. This would be both of those things at once. Imagine a movie that rips off both Shocker and A Nightmare on Elm Street at the same time, but also has voodoo and a bad guy made out of sand.

Seventeen years after slaughtering all but one member of Griffin’s (Jay Underwood, Bug from Uncle Buck) family, The Sandman is finally set to be executed. But just like Horace Pinker, he has an escape plan. The minister who delivers his last rites is really a voodoo priest who transforms him into a man made of sand. Now, the Sandman must find Griffin, who he has a connection to, and kill him.

Look, here’s the spoiler, because no one should have to suffer through this film like I have. They’re brothers. Are there any other reasons to watch this? Ken Foree from Night of the Living Dead is in it. He’s also in Death Spa and Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge, if you want to further go down the rabbit hole that is 1990’s video store horror.

Come for the Sandman, stay for the Mexican gang subplot, stick around for the voodoo, fall asleep before the end. I guess the Sandman lives up to his name!

You can watch this on Amazon Prime, if you have also have an upset stomach and can’t sleep.

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