A group of call girls all decide to quit the business when one of them is killed. They change their names, leave town and make lives for themselves over the next 13 years. Then, one of them is killed and the rest soon learn that her killer is looking for the rest of them.

Originally airing on April 2, 1984, this TV movie is pretty much a giallo without black gloved hands or tremendous amounts of gore and nudity. But stylistically, it’s very close in tone.

Terry (Barbara Carrera, Never Say Never Again) was once the leader of the girls, but now she’s fighting for custody of her son. The other girls have all grown into different lives, like Paula (Kim Cattrall), who is a doctor that is being considered to run a hospital, Patrice (Kirstie Alley), an actress and Clarissa (Debbie Boone), who sings gospel music as part of a televangelist’s ministry. None of them can afford to lose their station in life by the — SINS OF THE PAST — coming back.

Anthony Geary from General Hospital is also on hand as a detective that somehow worms his way in Barbara Carrera’s pants. This is one of those films where cops can be total pricks and still lead with the heroine because it was the 1980’s and that’s how writers thought women acted.

Director Peter H. Hunt also directed adaptations of Danielle Steele’s Secrets. This is a very similar type of story, with plenty of red herrings, like the father who killed his daughter that caused all of the girls to go into hiding. This is difficult to find, but there’s always YouTube if you want to check it out.


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