Hitler Lives! (2017)

Hitler didn’t die, but after World War II he was taken to Antarctica. However, plans fell apart and now his decaying zombie body is being kept in Adelaide, Australia while Dr. Josef Mengele prepares an alien-infused immortality serum for the Fuhrer. If you haven’t stopped been offended or stopped reading this by now, then you’re the audience for Hitler Lives!

While Hitler rots away in his new bunker, the world has moved on. Once, governments and agencies worshipped him and begged for his counsel, but now his dream of a thousand year Reich and taking the ubermensch to the stars has changed to embrace global one world government and bitcoin.

All Hitler has is a radio that barely works, powered by baby angels ala Eraserhead, living with the dreams and nightmares of the past as he slowly decomposes. His memories are shown to us via puppets and newsreel footage, interspersed with moments where he communicates with Mengele via video screen. Oh yeah — there are also burlesque dancers.

There are no professional actors per se in the main roles. Hitler is played by Morte, the singer for Australian black metal band Nazxul and his bandmate Rev. Kriss Hades also is in the film and created the soundtrack.

Your ability to enjoy this film will be colored by your patience and how many Nazi conspiracy books you’ve read. Seeing as how I can speak at length about Die Glocke, the Thule Society, the Ghost Army, inner earth theory and more, I made it through the film, even some of the slower parts.

Hitler Lives! is the first movie written and directed by Stuart Rowsell, who has worked on films such as Alien: CovenantScooby-Doo and two of the Star Wars prequels. The effects are pretty great and after all, when else are you going to see Hitler with breasts?

Want to see it for yourself? Head on over to the official site.

Disclaimer: I was sent this film by the filmmakers and in no way did that impact my review.

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