Bag Boy Lover Boy (2014)

Who decides what is art and what is junk? Is there much of a difference between Alejandro Jodorowsky and Lucio Fulci? What is good and what is bad? This movie raises those questions and more. Does it answer them? Kinda.

Albert is a strange man — a hotdog vendor who can barely communicate with the rest of the world. Played by Jon Wachter, a first-time actor who is usually a writer and director, he’s an unsettling presence everywhere he appears. Suddenly, he becomes the muse of a Richard Kern-like photographer and forced to endure all manner of bloody and disturbing photo sessions.

Our hero — is he the hero? — decides to become a photographer himself. But all he knows is how Ivan acts. And the only people he knows how to hire are prostitutes. This can’t end well. And it doesn’t.

This isn’t a perfect movie. But it will keep your attention throughout. It has an odd undercurrent beyond its subject matter, making the viewer think they are watching a real maniac and not just one on the screen.

You can grab this video from Severin or watch it on Amazon Prime.

One thought on “Bag Boy Lover Boy (2014)

  1. Dude! Day 20: Sunday Dinner foodie fodder! Need to repost this one! I hope you see this and consider it.

    I watched this movie and really liked it. It gave me that uncomfortable King of Comedy crossed with The Fan (the Patton Oswald sports dork-parking garage vendor; actually a very good flick that died on the vine). Jon Wachter shot and scored with this one. Need a show-the-love redux.


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