Terrifier (2018)

What does it take to have Becca, who has been watching horror movies since she was 9, to get up and walk out on a movie? Well, Terrifier holds your answer.

If you are afraid of clowns, stay away from this movie.

If you are squeamish about gore, don’t even start watching it.

Basically, just know that this one goes all the way. And then some. It’s like someone told the filmmakers that they were in Italy in 1980 and had bought stock in latex, food coloring and corn syrup.

Al the Clown first showed up in the anthology film All Hallow’s Eve. Now, he’s back, as the film opens on a talk show hostess interviewing the only survivor of a massacre where she was the only survivor. As the host asks if the woman saw her attacker die, we pull back to reveal Al the Clown destroying a TV set.

Following the interview, we hear the talk show host make fun of the mutilated victim, who soon shows up to gouge out her eyes.

If you’ve made it this far, you haven’t seen anything yet.

After a night of partying, Tara and Dawn are walking down the street and encounter Al carrying a bag of weapons. Dawn yells at him as Tara tells her to settle down. They decide to sober up at a pizza shop when the clown shows up again, leading to Dawn taking selfies with him. Al gets up and gives Tara a toy ring before the owner kicks him out.

The girls return to their car to find their tires slashed and have to call Tara’s sister for a ride. They’re going better than the pizza shop employees, who are quickly butchered and decimated by the sinister clown. Soon, Tara and Dawn are captured by Al and Tara is forced to watch Dawn get…well, I don’t want to ruin it. But I will say that this was the exact moment that Becca got upset and shut off the blu ray. It’s that unexpected and intense.

Needless to say, this is the slasher for those of you who have been waiting for a modern version that can live up to movies like The Prowler. My disclaimer above is no joke: this is one brutal movie filled with gallons upon gallons of the red stuff.

David Howard Thornton, who plays Art, is amazing. He imbues the character with sheer menace and you can see that his mime training really pays off. He’s creepy just sitting there or walking on by. Once he gets on a tricycle or starts killing everyone in his path, he gets downright terrifying. Hey — the title makes sense. Director Damien Leone also directed All Hallow’s Eve and Frankenstein vs. The Mummy and is someone to watch. Unlike so many modern horror movies, there’s definitely attention paid to mood, pacing, color and lighting.

We got our copy at Diabolik DVD, which came with a blu ray and DVD version of the film. It also seemed like some scenes had way more gore than the version that’s playing on Netflix right now.

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