The First Date (2018)

Writer/director Adam Weber sent me a copy of his new 5-minute film, The First Date, for review.  It’s a self-funded, completely independent project inspired by films like Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil, 100 Bloody Acres and Evil Feed.

Weber was an associate producer on Terrifier, so if that movie’s graphic gore didn’t make you lose your lunch, this take on a dinner date may be right up your alley.

It’s a pretty simple premise: A man is waiting for his blind date, who is supposedly stuck in traffic. The truth, however, is pretty horrifying. I feel like if I discuss anything else that happened, I’ll give the whole story away, as it’s such a quick tale.

There are some decent FX on display here. If I had any issue with what I watched, it’s that the text conversation may have worked better as supers on the screen, thereby not getting in the way of the running time by having dissolves in between waiting for the messages. And the ending punchline could have used a little work.

That said — it’s a fun effort and I look forward to seeing what Weber does next. Thanks for sending this our way!

Disclaimer: This film was sent to the site by its writer/director. That didn’t impact our review at all. 

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