Camp Death III in 2D! (2018)

One of the coolest parts of doing this site is having filmmakers reach out to us. For example, this email: “My name is Matt Frame, director of ‘Camp Death III in 2D!’ Enjoyed your Friday the 13th Part III review and thought my film might be up your alley. It’s a comedy/horror parody of ‘Friday the 13th Part III 3D.’ We just completed the film and are about to launch our festival run. We’d be honored if you would consider watching the first 5 minutes of the film and/or the trailer. If you dig what you see then feel free to watch further.”

Good news, Matt. We watched the whole movie!

Matt sent us the link for his “$35,000 Canadian opus,” which he also told us, “someone described it as ‘the most horrible GOOD movie I’ve ever seen’ so bear that in mind.” I told him that I spend good money on Claudio Fragasso movies that no one in the United States knows or cares about, so there was a good bet I’d love whatever he did.

For someone like me that not only spent an entire week reviewing the entire Friday the 13th series, loves Sleepaway Camp and can count the slashers in my DVD collection in triple digits, Camp Death 3 in 2D! hits all the right buttons. It also helps that its gory heart in firmly in Caddyshack and Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker territory. Sure, there’s a narrative here, but the film works best as a collection of sight gags. Those are my favorite kind of films, where the description is as simple as “a family goes on a vacation, hijinks ensure” or “there’s a golf tournament, hijinks ensue.”

Camp Crystal Meph has reopened…again. Yet the scurvy and male pattern baldness ravaged death machine known as Johann Van Damme can’t be stopped. Head Counsellor Todd Boogjumper has a dream to convert the camp into a rehab center for adults who are either completely stupid or unable to contain their violent impulses. Joined by his Uncle Mel (who once was talked by the trees into fighting a lake), his guitar playing girlfriend Rachel and other counselors, the camp opens again. But now, the killings begin again. Is it Johann? Is it a copycat? Is it the squirrels who roam the camp and try to kill Uncle Mel every few minutes?

Crowdfunded in 2014, this movie took 14 months to shoot all over British Columbia. It looks awesome and is also a film unafraid to use B roll cutaways to establish mood (and then establish, establish and establish again). One of the ways it was funded was by director Matt Frame setting a world record by non-stop walking for 24 hours and 109 kilometers with a coconut strapped to his waist.

If you’re looking for gore, look no further. This one features around 80 onscreen deaths that Joe Bob Briggs would have a field day describing. Sure, there’s some computer aided stuff, but there’s also plenty of practical blood spraying here. Between all the red stuff and the frequent allusions to a whole red rainbow of slashers and other films, there’s plenty to enjoy here.

How funny is it? Well, that depends. My sense of humor runs toward The Kentucky Fried Movie variety as much as it does Mr. Show and SCTV, so I liked a lot of the jokes. You’ll also find more to like here the more 1980’s movies you’ve seen. It’s also completely unafraid to be beyond politically incorrrect in its humor, so if you’re eaisly offended, you might want to find another movie (or get a little more open minded).

Thanks for sending this our way, Matt. You’ve made our day! For more info on the film, head on over to its Facebook page!

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