Eye in the Labyrinth (1972)

The middle of the night is dangerous business. You can awaken from a dream where your psychiatrist boyfriend is murdered only to find that he has disappeared. Then your life will seem like a waking nightmare, but only if you’re Julie, the heroine of Eye of the Labyrinth.

Known for her appearance in a two-part episode of The Saint that was turned into the theatrical release Vendetta for the Saint, Marquis de Sade: Justine and The Shoes of the Fisherman, Rosemary Dexter plays Julie, whose search for Luca (Horst Frank, who also appeared with her in Marquis de Sade: Justine) takes her to a small seaside town. From the moment she knows he’s been missing, people have been harassing her as to his whereabouts. Everything simply feels off.

When she gets there, she meets Frank (Adolfo Celi, Danger: DiabolikThunderball), who tells her that her boyfriend had been in town. Then there’s Gerda (Alida Valli, Miss Tanner from Suspiria), whose house is full of artists with some level of ill repute, including a young Sybil Danning as Toni.

However, Julia keeps meeting people over and over who refuse to believe that they know her, which lends the film even more of a dreamlike quality. Is there a crime syndicate involved in every moment of her life? Is she in constant danger? Or has she simply gone insane? I’m not going to answer this all for you. You should drink it all in yourself.

This is a rare film financed by the city of Monaco (along with some German investments and stars). Mario Caiano (Nightmare Castle) was the director and he keeps things both mysterious and driving. There’s also a great soundtrack by Roberto Nicolosi, who scored Black Sabbath and Black Sunday. It’s a loungy, jazzy affair that adds verve to the proceedings.

Code Red released this film on blu-ray, the first time it was released in the U.S. It’s worth tracking down, as it fits in well with plenty of the great giallo released in 1972 (The Case of the Bloody IrisDon’t Torture a Duckling, All the Colors of the DarkThe Red Queen Kills Seven Times), which was a banner year for black gloved killers and psychosexual drama.

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