FUCKED UP FUTURES PART 2: World Gone Wild (1987)

In 1970, Lee Katzin made The Phynx, a nearly lost film about a rock band’s influence on world politics. It’s packed with names, with everyone from Warhol superstar Ultra Violet to Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, Busby Berkeley, Leo Gorcey, Colonel Sanders, Harold Sakata and the inventor of the Bloody Mary, George Jessel. Just as oddly, Katzin would make his contribution to post-apocalyptic films nearly two decades later with this film.

2087. Earth has been decimated by nuclear war and water is the most precious thing there is. The Lost Wells outpost has survived, but now an evil group of renegades, led by Derek Abernathy (Adam Ant), wants to take over.

This is a film packed with plenty of interesting actors, like Bruce Dern and Michael Paré (Streets of Fire) as the heroes, along with Catherine Mary Stewart (The AppleThe Last StarfighterNight of the Comet), Julius Carry (Sho’Nuff from The Last Dragon) and Alan Autry Jr. ( Captain Bubba Skinner from TV’s In the Heat of the Night).

That said — this is a flimsy film, unsure what it wants to be. When you hear something like “Bruce Dern against Adam Ant after the end of the world,” you want it to be awesome. Sadly, it falls short. If only an Italian director was in the chair, ready to throw rats at everyone in the cast or bring in George Eastman!

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