CHRISTMAS CINEMA: Jack Frost (1997)

Serial killer Jack Frost has killed thirty-eight people and was only caught due to the bravery of Sherrif Sam Tiler. As his state execution transfer vehicle passes through Tiler’s hometown of Snowmonton, Frost escapes by killing his guard and crashing into a genetic research truck. Chemicals from the accident cause him to melt and become one with the snow.

Reports of a snowman killing people soon follow. And soon, the FBI sends Agents Manners and Stone to help get rid of the creature. That said, Jack Frost is on a spree, wiping out kids, their parents, cops and more. He even rapes and kills Jill, (Shannon Elizabeth, before American Pie) the daughter of an entire family that has been killed by Frost.

So here’s where things get crazy: the chemicals that transformed Frost were to be used to contain DNA in the case of a nuclear holocaust. He goes through every trap and wipes out most of the police, but oatmeal with antifreeze in it proves to be his kryptonite. Yep. I just wrote that sentence.

This is one of those movies where the killer keeps coming back. And back. And back. It even ends with a reveal that Jack is still alive. To top that, the film was shot in seventy-degree weather, meaning that the majority of the snow and ice you’ll see is fake.

Did you ever want Frosty to finally get upset and flip out on everyone who got in his way? Then this is about as close as you’re going to get. If you want to see it for yourself, Diabolik DVD has this in stock and you can always watch it on Shudder!

2 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS CINEMA: Jack Frost (1997)

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