TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Pastacolypse (2023)

Billionaire celebrity chef Alfredo Manicotti (Dana Snyder, the voice of Master Shake) has had his life ruined when one of the essential ingredients of pasta, gluten, is outlawed. He’s shamed by the powers that be in the culinary world due to his use of an even more dangerous version of the ingredient and eventually goes all the way into transforming himself — and his henchman Bob, who becomes Al Dente Bob (William Sanderson) — into a horrifying human piece of pasta and sending his demonic hordes after everything flesh.

The only person that can save the world is his spoiled daughter Emma (Lauren Holt), who soon finds herself training with a team of post-apocalyptic — sorry post-pastacolptic — warriors like Chub (Lavell Crawford), Halfway (Jess Harnell) and Mary (Mary Spender). But can she get past being daddy’s little girl and start kicking her dad’s forces right in the fregola?

Also: You may watch the beginning of this and remark, “Ah, what cute animals. I bet my kids will like this.” I would advise that unless your children enjoy seeing cute woodland creatures torn to pieces by Italian cuisine that has a ravenous appetite for blood, you should find something else for them to watch. Not every cartoon is for children. Consider this to be very much like a live action zombie movie except, well, with various shaped pastas taking the place of the walking dead.

Directed by Jason Schwartz (who did the animated series The Awesomes) and written by Matt Maiellaro (who has written for Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Pastacolypse moves fast, gets nice and bloody (saucey?) while never forgetting just how goofy of an idea it all is. For an animated movie streaming on a free platform, it looks great and even has some surprising moments of sheer gross out humor. I’d be all for another story in this same universe and I bet you will be too.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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