VIDEO ARCHIVES WEEK: Blind Rage (1978)

VIDEO ARCHIVES NOTES: This movie was discussed on the September 13, 2022 episode of the Video Archives podcast and can be found on their site here.

Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Manila, Mexico and Los Angeles. These are the cities that director Efren C. Piñon takes this action-packed film to. Those are the cities where a gang of blind men has been recruited to become a bank robbing team, all trained by Sally (Leila Hermosa). All working for Johnny Duran (Charlie Davao), they’re being tracked down by Jesse Crowder (Fred Williamson).

The gang of blind men is made up of blinded mobster out for revenge Willie Black (D’Urville Martin), doublecrossed gangster Lin Wang (Leo Fong), former matador who lost his eyes to a bull Hector Lopez (Darnell Garcia), blind from birth magician Amazing Anderson (Dick Adair) and safecracker Ben Guevara (Tony Ferrer). The wild part of this scheme is that the money that is being taken is meant to stop the Domino Theory in Vietnam when the criminals take it from under the government’s nose.

There’s one great reason to watch this all and it’s a line of dialogue that made me laugh more than any other so far this year: “Unit Two to Unit One—it’s going down at the International House of Pancakes!”

Williamson would play the same character in Death Journey and No Way Back, but you don’t need to see either of those movies to enjoy this. I mean, what other movie has a bunch of multiracial blind men all training over and over for a big heist like it’s a lights out Ocean’s 11?

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