TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Twisted Date (2023)

Jade Wilson (Selina Kaye) and her boyfriend Devin Jackson (Tremayne Norris) have a scam going where she hooks up with rich men and he breaks in to steal from them. Sure, he’s an abusive loser, but they’re making money. Except that their latest target fights back and gets killed, which sends Jade on the run.

FBI agent Rachel Davies (Catherine Healy) is trying to find Jade, who has changed her last name to Slay and is working — and living above — a dry cleaners in Los Angeles, thanks to the kindly manager Olivia (Liz Fenning). Devin’s trying to get back in her life, calling constantly and even killing her friend Ashley (Lanett Tachel, who also was one of the writers) to get information on where she is.

So anyways, this is Los Angeles, and that means tons of rich and famous people come through the dry cleaners every day, bringing back black tie gala outfits in to be cleaned. One night, when Lacey (Andria B Langston) takes her out clubbing, Jade ends up meeting Francisco (Danny Pardo), a famous photographer who offers to take photos of her late at night. For being a rough girl from the wrong side of the tracks, Jade is actually rather naive — or stupid — because she has no idea this old white dude wants to put it on her. She flips out, they scuffle, he accidentally falls down the steps and she tries to cover it up.

She gets another lucky break when a restaurant owner ends up taking her out to an opening and introducing her to Frank (Christian Torres Villalobos), the hottest producer in town. He’s smitten but has no idea — she doesn’t either — that he’s just met his father’s killer.

Remember Devin? Well, he’s in town and getting closer, plus there’s  Tawni (Brittney Ayona Clemons), the cattiest — and perhaps most attractive — woman at the dry cleaners. She tries to get ahead by blackmailing Jade and ends up dead in a steam room. Then, Frank wants answers as to who killed his dad, as he hacks his father’s security system and sees what happened. And oh yeah — here comes Devin.

Directed by Corey Grant, who co-wrote the script with Amy Irons and Tachel, Twisted Date puts a girl who isn’t really all that innocent into a town that is filled with every more twisted people, stirs it up and sees who makes it out alive. Just sit back, relax your brain and watch the fireworks.

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