88 FILMS BLU RAY SET RELEASE: In the Line of Duty 1-4

88 Films’ In the Line of Duty Series includes 1985’s Yes, Madam!, 1986’s Royal Warriors, 1988’s In the Line of Duty 3 and 1989’s In the Line of Duty 4. It’s amazing to get all of these films in one box set and man, that set looks incredible on my shelves.

If you love tough women cops being just as effective — actually even more so — than their male counterparts and gigantic fight scenes, well, you can’t do much better than this set.

The In the Line of Duty series is near House or Demons in its numbers and which movies are part of the actual series. According to Wikipedia, these movies are the accepted canon:

  1. Yes, Madam! AKA Police Assassins 2
  2. Royal Warriors AKA Polica Assassins (yes, in the UK, they are reversed)
  3. In the Line of Duty III AKA Force of the Dragon
  4. In the Line of Duty 4 AKA In the Line of Duty
  5. Middle Man AKA In the Line of Duty V: Middle Man
  6. Forbidden Arsenal AKA In the Line of Duty 6: Forbidden Arsenal
  7. Sea Wolves
  8. Yes, Madam ’92: A Serious Shock AKA Death Triangle
  9. Yes Madam 5 (how did they get to five? Well, would it help if it were also called Red Force 5?)

This set has near-perfect versions of each of the films, along with Cantonese and multiple English dubs, as well as an amazing book that gives you so much knowledge on the series. Plus, you get two gorgeous posters and it’s all in a great box covered with striking artwork.

Here are the movies in this set:

In the Line of Duty: Yes Madam: Chicks with kicks! When gangsters murder her friend, Inspector Ng (Michelle Yeoh) is drawn into a deadly search for the men who did it. Just as well she’s got backup from British supercop Carrie Morris (Cynthia Rothrock).

In the Line of Duty II: Royal Warriors: Returning from her holiday in Japan, Inspector Yip (Michelle Yeoh) foils a daring mid-air rescue of a gangster being returned to Hong Kong for trial. But Inspector Yip needs to watch her back: that gangster has friends.

In the Line of Duty III: How do you top the first two In The Line of Duty films? Easy… bigger explosions, wilder fights and even crazier stunts! This time, two Japanese thieves have fled to Hong Kong with a tough J-cop (Cynthia Khan) hot on their heels. It’s up to Hong Kong’s finest to stop the villains before too much damage is done!

In the Line of Duty IV: The fourth (and for some fans… the best) of the In the Line of Duty series, sees the return of Cynthia Kahn as Inspector Yeung. This time, she’s on the trail of some ruthless international drug dealers, ably assisted by Donnie Yen and Michael Wong.

For all the hype and praise people give to John Wick — and those movies are awesome — Hong Kong was doing the same thing decades ago. This set is a near-perfect way for you to get into some wild action that’s guaranteed to blow your mind.

You can get the set from MVD.

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