Plaga Zombie (1997)

Plaga Zombie was created by Pablo Parés and Hernán Sáez, who made the first version of the movie with a home video camera and some high school friends. At the age of 17, they worked with Berta Muñiz to make the first version of the movie that was released in theaters. The sequel, Plaga Zombie: Zona Mutante, have a higher budget — well, $3,000 versus a few hundred — but took a toll on the crew. Plaga Zombie: Zona Mutante – Revolución Tóxica, the last in the trilogy, was the result of the crew falling apart. Their grup therapist suggested they make the movie but as far as I’ve learned, they didn’t remain friends.

But ah, Plaga Zombie, directed by Parés and Sáez, who wrote the film with Muñiz, is a magic time. Med student Bill Johnson (Parés), pro wrestler John West (Muñiz) and nerdy Max Giggs (Sáez) are trapped in a zombie outbreak caused by aliens. That’s a simple description of what follows, as this is the best $120 ever spent.

This is 67 minutes that recall the best of Peter Jackson’s early career — it’s literally Bad Taste mixed with Dawn of the Dead — and this is just a start for the delirious insanity that the second film in the series will bring.

You can get all three movies on the Intervision box set or watch this on Tubi.

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