DARK STAR BLU RAY RELEASE: Attack of the Demons (2019)

The year is 1994. This is when a demonic cult who has planned the end of the world will bring their ritual to a music festival in a small Colorado town. Soon, demons will rule the land and three very human people will have to try and stop it.

Sure, you’ve seen this type of movie before. But have you seen it as a cut paper animation?

Attack of the Demons would be an interesting experiment if its story didn’t work, but it actually becomes truly engaging and succeeds because of it.

Director Eric Power also made another animated film called Path of Blood. Here he’s working with writer Andreas Petersen, who also provides the voice of Jeff, to make a movie that would completely fit into the 1980’s direct to VHS era — if it were a live-action movie. Being animated allows it to go wild with its visuals and create a world beyond an everyday budget.

The Dark Star blu ray of Attack of the Demons is available from Vinegar Syndrome. It also has three different audio commentaries, one from Power and Petersen as well as one by Dread Central Editor In Chief MaryBeth McAndews and Gayly Dreadful Editor In Chief Terry Mesnard and a comedy commentary by ScoffTracks’ Lucas Taughn. There’s also a making of, a music video, the KTUTV commercials, a proof of concept trailer and the final trailer.

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