SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE: The Unheard (2023)

Directed by Jeffrey Brown (The Beach House) and written by Michael and Shawn Shawn Rasmussen (Crawl), The Unheard has two horror themes in one: Chloe (Lachlan Watson) is part of a clinical trial to fix the hearing that was damaged by a childhood illness. And oh yeah, she’s going back home — never go back home — to help her father sell the house, the last place she saw her mother before she, like many women in her hometown, disappeared.

You can see — or more likely, hear — what’s coming.

As Chloe starts watching old videotapes and experiences the strange feelings of being back home, she starts to hear things that may or may not be there. As she begins to adjust to having her senses adjusted, she’s not hearing things for the first time nearly, including her mother’s voice via the tapes from the past.

Oh yeah — there’s also a giallo style killer still in town, stalking and killing women.

Sadly, the film never figures out what movie it is. Is it a coming home horror? A senses coming back shocker? A murder story? A haunted town? No, it’s all of those things and it rarely comes together.

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