SALEM HORROR FEST: Guys at Parties Like It (2023)

EDITOR’S NOTE: This movie plays at Salem Horror Fest tomorrow night!

Directed by Colton David Coate (who also wrote the film) and Micah Coate, Guys at Parties Like It is all about what happens when a virgin — no members of this frat can be virgins or they get hazed — takes a wasted sorority girl upstairs only to discover that getting laid won’t be as easy — or bloodless — as he thinks.

Mary (Monica Garcia Bradley) is our heroine. Sure, she’s in a sorority, but she thinks she’s above it and just using her years there to advance her career. And she’s all about flirting, having a drink and even getting the boys hot under the collar. But when she gets behind closed doors, she’s still able to say no, which is her right, and not anything that these boys want to hear.

Brad (Anthony Notarile) is one of them. He’s the virgin who is getting into the frat because of his big brother Tony (Pablo Sandstrom), a guy who’ll do anything to get his friend ahead. Even spike the drink that Mary asks for, all so Brad doesn’t need to get that hazing.

There are others who play into this psychodrama: Sorority queen Trixie (Jacqueline O’Kelly), who is still smarting that Mary leaking a video of them making out; Kyle (Haulston Mann), the closeted frat boy who is having a secret affair with the frat’s only gay member Connor (Yuhua Hamasaki); Mart’s roommate Mags (Paige Sciarrino) who is stuck being the sober one. Trixie’s BFF Monica (Vianca Peguero) and the way too enthusiastic frat brother Rick (Jackson Trent).

Not all of them will survive the night.

My friend told me that she’s seen so many movies that have a moment where a triumphant woman walks away from a house or building on fire; beaten down but triumphant. She really needs to make a Letterboxd list for those movies — The Menu and Ready or Not are two to get her started — and she can add this as well.

Guys At Parties Like It is terrifying because there’s no saying that it didn’t happen last weekend. Or that it won’t happen this weekend. The moment when the cop gets so happy seeing the old frat house says it all: these men are protected, no matter what, unless something horrible happens to them.

Luckily, it does.

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