Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar (2023)

Directed by Garo Setian (Automation) and written by Joe Knetter (Pretty Boy), this film is may not have the budget of even one Disney+ series episode, but hey, do any of those have souls being extracted so bodies can live beyond death? And do any of them have Michael Pare in them?

Pare is Kip Corman, an adventurer who travels the universe with his daughter Taylor (Sarah French). They meet a scientist Jackie (Anahit Setia) on space station Stella Starr* and bring her aboard. But she’s being tracked by Dykstra** (Olivier Gruner) and his crew of lunatics because she knows how to bring the dead back to life. Kip is also being chased by Ezekiel (Hunter Setian), the son of Elnora (Sadie Katz) that wants him dead. After all, he stole the last coin she has from her dead sister.

This has some great looking monsters, inexpensive appearing starship interiors and plenty of cheap thrills. If I saw this when I was nine, you have no idea how many Kip Corman comic books I would have drawn in my notebook. Sure, it has no real budget to speak of. Who cares? Just suit up, strap in and kick it into hyperspace.

*Starcrash reference and you can imagine how happy this made me.

**Ding! Star Wars reference.

You can see Space Wars in the following theaters:

April 21-27: Lumiere Cinema, Beverly Hills, CA (Q&A on first night) Camelot Theatres, Palm Springs, CA
April 22: The Frida Cinema, Santa Ana, CA (Q&A with cast and crew)
April 28-May 3: Galaxy Theatres Boulevard Mall, Las Vegas, NV
April 28 & 29: Moonlite Drive-in, West Wyoming, PA (double bill w/ ESCAPE FROM DEATH BLOCK 13)
April 30: Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival, Miami, FL May 5 & 6: The Fallon Theatre, Fallon, NV

It will be available wherever you watch movies on demand on May 2 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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