Dark Entities (2023)

Following a tragic accident in 1977, the three Winters siblings — Vera (Elena Ontiveros), Wes (Brandon McLemore) and Ethan (Jackson Lee Turner) — move into the strange home that they’ve just inherited. At this point, you understand what’s going to happen: dark secrets, odd happenings and total doom.

Directed and written by Brendan McLemore, the Winters family tries to pass off all the strangeness as the result of their collective trauma. But you know that there’s no way that that’s true. But man, I saw the Amazing Kreskin do that fingers touching table moving thing all the while that he told us that there’s no such thing as ghosts.

You know what I’ve learned about being in a haunted house? One: get out. Two: Don’t bother with a seance. Three: If you find a ring and someone tells you that it’s haunted, don’t wear it.

I do love that the family finds an antique dealer named Alfred (Philip Neil Parker) who conveniently has a wife named Jackie (Angela Moore) who just so happens to be a parapsychologist. That’s super convenient and I think an incredible business model. Or a scam where the husband tells you everything is haunted and you have to hire his wife to take away the ghosts or sell them the valuables for a loss.

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