Breakout (2023)

Vincent (Kristos Andrews) has been caught by the police thanks to undercover cop Chavez (Noel Gugliemi). He kills the turncoat and ends up in a maximum security prison, where his former special ops father Alex (Louis Mandylor) comes to speak with him. Meanwhile, a former cop turned criminal mastermind named Chandler (Brian Krause) is set to break out and add to his followers by bringing in fellow prisoners. He already has one dangerous henchman named Ruke (Howard McNair) and enough of his men on the inside to get away with almost anything.

He didn’t count on Alex being there.

As Chandler negotiates with Coleman (Tom Sizemore), Alex works on getting close all with the goal of saving his son, who at the same time is becoming part of the gang as the words he hears from Chandler mean more than his judgemental — and at times absent — dad.

Breakout isn’t going to be the most revolutionary action movie you see, but it’s just over 80 minutes, moves fast, has some great fights, one bad ass hero at its core and a bad guy who you want to see more of — and seeing as how this sets up a sequel, hopefully we get one — and that’s more than some big budget films deliver.

Brandon Slagle is a name to watch, as he knows how to build tension, deliver brutal brawls and make you want to see even more than he delivers. Well done. And the script he wrote with Robert Thompon (Crossbreed) and Devanny Pinn (who contributed stories to other Slagle movies like Area 51 Confidential and Vivid) may hit all the beats that you expect from a McClane clone, but somehow it’s way more gripping than ones that cost five times or more.

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