88 FILMS BLU RAY RELEASE: Gorgeous (1999)

Bu (Shu Qi, Shanghai FortressThe Transporter) is a, well, gorgeous girl from a Taiwanese fishing village who leaves for romance in Hong Kong once she discovers a message in a bottle — “I am waiting for you” — promising love. That note came from a lonely man named Albert (Tony Leung Chiu-wai) who is pining for a lover who left him. She stays and finds a recycling company owner and fighting machine named C.N. (Jackie Chan) who provides the kind of amorous attention that you only read about in movies.

She falls for him and maybe he falls for her, but he’s also dealing with his childhood friend turned rival Howie Lo (Emil Chau), who he’s been fighting for what seems like forever. Now, Howie has also hired Alan (Brad Alan), a fighter who may be even tougher than C.N., and plans on getting the revenge that he’s always wanted.

This is an interesting role for Chan, as he has to be less action hero and more a lover. That said, it’s still filled with some incredible action and has the kind of storybook ending you hope for.

C.N. is very close to Jackie in real life, as he trains and dresses a lot like him. That may be because Chan wrote this with Ivy Ho and director Vincent Kok. Even the environmental message comes from how Chan sees the world and what needs to be done to help save it.

The 88 Films release of Gorgeous has a 2K transfer from the original film materials for both the Hong Kong and International versions of the film, as well as three audio commentaries (one with Frank Djeng and FJ Desanto, another with Mike Leeder and Arne Venema and a third with Jackie Chan). There’s also an Andy Cheng on Brad Allan featurette, an interview Vincent Kok, a making of, music videos, trailers and a reversible cover with new artwork by Sean Longmore. You can get it from MVD.

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