El Houb (2022)

Karim (Fahd Larhzaoui) tells his parents Fatima and Abbas (Lubna Azabal and Slimane Dazi) that he is attracted to men. This is based on the real experiences that Larhzaoui has had in his own life. And this movie is about the lead up to that moment and what comes after and how Karim must come out to himself, basically.

Directed by Sharrif Nasir, who wrote this with Phillip Delmaar and Larhzaoui, all of these moments are set in motion when Karim’s father catches him in bed with Kofi (Emmanuel Boafo), which finally sets in motion the long avoided coming out. The real avoidance comes in when his family decides to not listen to him and avoid hearing his explanation, so he barricades himself within a storage room under the stairs of his family home until they finally break down and hear him out through the door.

This movie has humor and warmth to tell its truth. Karim’s family doesn’t seem against his life choices, but instead it seems if they just pretend it doesn’t exist, they never will have to deal with it or change. That’s perhaps much worse than even arguing. They create their own walls.

El Houb is available on digital and on DVD and Digital from Dark Star Pictures and Uncork’d Entertainment.

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