TUBI ORIGINAL: Surprise (2023)

David Gamble (Will Coleman) has it all. A gorgeous wife named Jenna (NuNu Thurman). A successful business with his college best friend Greg (Lemastor Spratling, who in addition to being a director, actor, model, producer writer, he’s also the CEO of Fair Game Credit Repair). It’d all be great if he didn’t wonder why his wife seems to be working late hours and Greg’s number keeps coming up on her phone. Then he hires a private detective to find out what’s going on. Here’s some advice: if you don’t want to know the answer to a question, don’t ask it.

Obviously, spoilers from here on out.

The funny thing is, you can see through what’s happening here as soon as the drama starts. It’s literally the kind of plot that happens on sitcoms. Except that, well, most sitcoms don’t have angry husbands meeting hitmen in parking lots — I love how the hitman says, “Meet me in the shopping center” as if there’s only one place in shop in the entire town where this takes place — and paying to have their best friend dealt with.

Even funnier is how David reacts to all of this, as Gamble portrays it like a mild inconvenience when he realizes he was wrong and doesn’t even really freak out all that much when calling Greg or trying to warn the guy who has been his friend forever that he’s about to die. Then his heart starts beating really hard and he passes out to end the movie. It doesn’t come off as dramatic. It comes off as absolutely hilarious.

That said, director and writer Janaya Black knows the kind of movie that she’s making. She keeps things moving and entertaining. Sure, it really does seem like Jenna is hiking the Appalachian trail with Greg but man, David should have listened to that detective — every white guy in this is either a seedy detective or a killer and all of them tell you that if you ever talk to them again, they’ll kill you — and had a conversation before he decided to make that big step.

You can watch this on Tubi.

25 thoughts on “TUBI ORIGINAL: Surprise (2023)

  1. Why on earth would Janaya Black write/end this movie like this?! What a terrible, terrible ending! Conspiracy to commit murder. Janaya should have showed the cops show up at the end at the party and Greg, ALIVE! That’s how the movie SURPRISE SHOULD HAVE ENDED!


  2. The ending is up in the air. There could be a part 2, or not. I would have liked to see the cops bust in and arrest the dude, with the other guy alive. The husband was a super simp for getting his friend offed. Super simp.


  3. Are yall American people stupid or what yall comments don’t make sense. The whole point of the movie was the surprise. That’s why is call surprise… smh the movie was awesome and it should be a part 2.


  4. I stayed with the movie the until the end , but when they were saying that Jenna and Greg were just planning the big party for David. then who was in the pictures that the older man gave .


  5. The pictures only showed them out together on several occasions and hugging. Nothing more… He told him about the round trip to Hawaii. He took it upon himself to assume. He is a punk, for not addressing his concerns with his friend and wife. He rather just off him for a woman.


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