NEW WORLD PICTURES MONTH: The Dragon, The Young Master (1978)

Pai Wu Lang (Dragon Lee or Bruce Lei) — or the Silver Ninja — has come to town looking for the killer of his father but ends up learning that there are jewels hidden in this town. He also saves flower seller Xue Hua (Yuen Qiu, who studied at the Peking Opera School and master Yu Jim-yuen just like Jackie Chan) and her father from thugs before learning that the old man may have accidentally caused the death of his father.

This was directed by Shi-hyeon Kim and Godfrey Ho, so somehow, Roger Corman released movies by Truffaut, Bergman and the director of Ninja Terminator

A Korean martial arts film that has a hero who looks like a luchador. The world is truly a magical place. I love the ending, where we get a male and female Silver Ninja and dual battles against the final boss. This feels like it comes directly between when ripoffs went from Bruce Lee as inspiration to Jackie Chan and that nexus is incredibly interesting to the point that I wonder if there are any other films like it.

Alternate titles include Dragon the MasterDeadly Silver NinjaEighteen Martial Arts and Dragoneer 8 – The Unbeatable. Yes, there are no Dragoneeri 1 through 7, in case you wondered.

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