Adalynn (2023)

Man, this movie made me nervous — not a bad review, mind you — and I can’t even imagine how a mother would be watching it. Adalynn (Sydney Carvill) is a new mom coming to terms with the pain of postpartum depression and maybe something more terrifying. Sure, she lives in the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood in the perfect town with the perfect husband Dr. Bill (Wade Baker) but certainly things have become quite imperfect.

Adalynn has just given birth to Elizabeth, but all she can think of is the child she lost before. She’s off her meds and all alone as her husband is gone for work for a whole week, with a child we never quite see and a mania that we quite plainly do.

Directed by Jacob Byrd and written by Jerrod D. Brito, this is a movie that’s disturbing for what we think may and could happen and that’s what good horror is all about. I don’t know if I could watch it again, as it’s upsetting to think of a child in this much danger from its own mother, yet I can’t help but call it out for being such a well-made film and Carvill handles herself quite well in a role that has to carry the entire load of the movie.

Adalynn is available on digital platforms and DVD from Summer Hill Films, LLC.

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