NEW WORLD PICTURES MONTH: Too Hot to Handle (1977)

Don Schain is probably best known for directing his wife Cheri Caffaro in the Ginger trilogy of Ginger, The Abductors and Girls Are For Loving. This is her last film before disappearing from the public eye. As for her one-time husband, he would go on to line produce H.O.T.S. and High School Musical.

Written with Jan-Michael Sherman and Don Buday (KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park), Too Hot to Handle has Caffaro as Samantha Fox, a socialite assassin who has come to the Phillippines on her yacht and proceeds to kill some bad people in wild ways, like suffocating an S&M enthusiast with a plastic bag and shoving a woman into a mudbath complete with electrodes.

She’s being chased by policeman Domingo De La Torres (Aharon Ipalé). and his partner Sanchez (Vic Diaz). Of course, he falls for her and you probably will too. Caffaro isn’t a typical sex symbol, she’s not the best at action scenes but she has some kind of unexplainable charisma that carries this entire movie.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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