What’s On Shudder: March and April 2023

Here’s what’s playing on Shudder this month and next. Click on any title with a hyperlink to see our review.

March 1: Gretyl and Hansel

March 2: Spoonful of Sugar

March 9: The Company of Wolves

March 13: Holidays

March 17: Leave

March 20: Jack Be Nimble

March 27: After Blue and Ultra Pulpe

March 31: The UnheardThe FogThe Blair Witch Project and Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

April 3: The Slumber Party MassacreMagic

April 4: Don’t Panic

April 6: Slasher: Ripper season premiere

April 10: Bog

April 14: Kids vs. Aliens

April 17: Final ExamPrimal RageDarklands

April 25: The Boulet Brothers’ Halfway to Halloween TV Special

April 28: From Black

Most importantly…

Don’t have Shudder? Plans start at under $5 a month and you can get the first week free when you visit Shudder.

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