NEW WORLD PICTURES MONTH: Tender Loving Care (1976)

Director and writer Don Edmonds (of course, you know him from Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS) made this shot in a week and a day film that may have been distributed by New World but has nothing to do with their nurse films. Actually, Corman released it through Filmgroup.

This stars Donna Young (The Naughty Stewardesses), Marilyn Joi (Cleopatra Schwartz!) and Lauren Simon as the nurses, but unlike those Corman nurses films, these three girls have barely any social issues to solve and instead have to avoid Buck Flower as a horrifying sex offender, heal boxer John Daniels and handle Albert Cole’s mobster.

This movie will make you yearn for the subtlety of The Young Nurses. It’s violently not good, but I guess it had the kind of title and frequent nudity that it took to get on screens in 1974.

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