Between 1973 and 2008, Cirio H. Santiago partnered with Roger Corman on more than forty Philippines-filmed exploitation movies. The cost was low, the stuntmen willing to die, the locations gorgeous. And here’s Savage!, directed by Santiago and written by one time only screenwriter Ed Medard.

Savage (James Iglehart, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls) goes from a criminal evading the law to a leader overthrowing a dictatorship in just over eighty minutes. Working with Vicki (Lada St. Edmund, who went from go-go dancer on Hullabaloo to being the highest paid stunt woman in Hollywood) and Amanda (Carol Speed, always Abby), he goes from fighting the rebels to becoming one of them. I mean, Vicki is a knife thrower and Amanda is an acrobat and they know how to transform those circus skills into deadly arts.

As you can imagine, Vic Diaz is in this and maybe bamboo buildings blow up real good. It’s also called Black Valor, which really isn’t a better title than Savage! but is possibly a better blacksploitation movie name.

Iglehart is also in a much better film in this same genre, Fighting Mad. Aura Aurea, who plays China, was known as the Brigitte Bardot of the Philippines, which is a great name to be awarded, right?

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