This Land (2023)

Directed by Richard Greenwood, Jr. and written by Leon Langford and Collin Watts, This Land is about a Fourth of July celebration that brings two families — of very different beliefs — to the same cabin. It’s been double booked, which is stressful enough, but when an evil group of masked wearing cultists intrude on their holiday weekend, things get out of hand fast.

This movie doesn’t take any political side. Instead, it has the masked home invaders descending on them both. Whether they families can get past their ingrained differences and fight back together — or die separately — makes up the story of this film. The left side, made up of Ava, her husband and son are still dealing with trauma, as another home invasion cost her child and has made them all fearful. Well, this trip isn’t going to help anyone. The right, the Moss family, probably would like to think they could have stopped that home invasion with their Second Amendment-given rights to bear arms.

The masks are pretty cool, even if we don’t learn much about the cultists. But it’s an interesting idea to have them be the force that makes people — maybe! — realize that their differences can be forgotten, at least until they all survive. Again, maybe!

This Land is now available where you get streaming films from Terror Films.

One thought on “This Land (2023)

  1. Thank you for posting this, the movie sounds interesting, glad it doesn’t take a side on this. I like it when movies don’t scape goat the mentally ill for coming into contact with things like this.


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