Ghost Town (2023)

Directed, written and starring Owen Conway (Eminence Hill), Ghost Town has Conway has Solomon, a drifter with a dead horse, no gun and little prospects who ends up in a nowhere town with a go nowhere job. And then, well, people start dying and he takes the blame.

With a name like Ghost Town, you can imagine that there are some supernatural things going on. Try visions of death, ghosts rambling on in and so much more to test Solomon, even if he ends up saving the entire bar — and saloon girls — when he kills three criminals trying to knock over the saloon. This town’s rough, though, with a sheriff who deals with dead cowboys by pouring booze all over them and burning them right in the street.

Can Solomon handle working for Hagan (Robert Sprayberry), who seems abusive at best to the girls in his employ, Kate (Eva Hamilton) and Stella (Becky Jo Harris)? And what’s up with that spider that just crawls out of a girl’s hair and into her mouth and no one notices?

While it all falls apart by the end, I do enjoy when western movies and horror come together. There are a few fun ideas here, the action and effects look good, plus I think Conway has promise in making something good someday.

Ghost Town is available on digital and DVD March 7 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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