TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Deadly Estate (2023)

Directed by Sam Croyle and written by Cate Holahan, this film is all about Zakiya (Samantha Walkes, Orphan: First Kill), a hospitality manager for an exclusive hotel canned The Magnate that begins to suspect that there are shenanigans going on at the high end hotel where she works. Said hijinks include abused women and, eventually, murder. A murder that she gets blamed for.

Ron Brant (Stephen Sparks) and his much younger wife Valeria (Karen Cliche, yes, that’s her name) are at the hotel looking to buy it. Yet during their stay, Ron’s son Astor (Kelly Penner) ends up killing himself — perhaps — and the girl he was staying with, Phoenix (Robyn Gallop), is murdered too. No one catches that the girl is dead, while Zakiya is blamed for Astor’s death.

There’s a missing phone that just may reveal the truth, but even Zakiya’s best work friend Alexis (Chantria Tram) turns against her and, as you can imagine — spoilers after this — Valeria is behind everything. Yes, she was once a famous model, but became an escort boss, using her girls to keep Ron’s son quiet and then eventually murdering him after he chokes out and kills one too many of her ladies. She also has Daniel Denton (Russell Sams) in her employ, using him to off anyone who tries to help Zakiya, like her old friend Harry Belfort (Eugene Clark).

Deadly Estate has the feel of a Lifetime movie, which a lot of the Tubi originals seem to be inspired by. Samantha Walkes is pretty good in it, however, and while it’s not anything you haven’t seen before, it’s still a free movie that can make the last few hours of work at home pass a little easier.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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