End of Loyalty (2023)

When Carmine (Michael DeBartolo)the head of a crime family, is killed by a rival named Rooker (Vernon Wells), his son Grant (Justice Joslin) swears revenge. His lifelong best friend, Ray (Braxton Angle), is now a federal agent and while he wants to help his friend, he also has to keep him from going too far. To make matters worse, Ray’s dad (Michael Paré) is watching Grant’s 11-year-old daughter Jada (Tenley Kellogg) when Rooker comes calling.

When Grant goes after Rooker all by himself, this leads to the biggest worry of the movie: If Ray calls the cops, so many of them are paid off by Rooker. Best case, his friend gets arrested. Worse case, they both get killed. And the other option? He has to go up against the toughest criminals in town all by himself.

Director Hiroshi Katagiri has worked on plenty of special effects for some big movies, but now he’s directing. He also made Love Hurts and Gehenna: Where Death Lives, as well as acting as the writer on this film along with Chris Preyor. You can see some of his effects work in movies like Avatar: The Way of WaterCaptain Marvel and Looper. He does a good job directing this film which seems like a welcome throwback to 90s action.

End of Loyalty is available on digital and on demand from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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