JESS FRANCO MONTH: Girls In the Night Traffic (1976)

Erwin C. Dietrich is listed as the director and writer of this, but it’s also Jess Franco pitching in to direct. There’s a story behind that.

According to Kyle Faulkner on Letterboxd, at the end of 1975, Franco got the job of making a more pornographic ripoff of Mandingo, which would seem to be right up his alley. As the cast and crew were at a party, Jess and Line Romay ran from the event that they were throwing, effectively dashing on the bill for two weeks before resurfacing in Italy. This is when Lina and her husband Ramon Ardid finally got divorced and Franco had to face up to years of running from his debts. That’s why he made so many films for Dietrich, as he was locked up as his house director to pay back people and probably stay out of trouble.

Pia (Pilar Coll), Margit (Kali Hansa) and Maite (Esther Moser) are three girls who dance in a cabaret — hey, have you ever seen that in a Jess Franco movie? — and live together in a one bed apartment, which is convenient for a menage a trois banana eating session. Then, Mustafa (Eric Falk) and two photographers (Kurt Meinicke and Marlies Haas) kidnap one of them, creating the need for a rescue operation, which means that all three girls try to hump Mustafa until he dies.

Sex in a coffin. Sex with a guy with a fez on his head. Posters for the Bond movies From Russia With LoveDiamonds Are Forever and The Man with the Golden Gun on a wall. A movie about work-based slavery when that’s what Franco was kind of going through himself. Another cut called Wilde Lust that’s the same movies with dongs. Yes, this kind of has it all, if it all means mid 70s smut.

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