SRS DVD RELEASE: Night of the Zodiac (2022)

Richard Gantz (Philip Digby) can’t keep a job or finish his film about the Zodiac Killer, yet somehow the Zodiac Killer finds him and convinces him to finish the movie, one that will help him collect new slaves for paradice, as he would scrawl.

Night of the Zodiac seems like an SOV movie from thirty years ago yet it was made now by director and writer Susana Kapostasy somewhere in the wilds of Hazel Park, Michigan. Beyond Mark Polonia showing up as well as Todd Sheets and Tim Ritter getting name dropped, there are so many posters and old VHS boxes that are all over this film, including Tales from the QuadeaD ZoneSplatter Farm and perhaps the best film of that era, The Abomination. There are also tons of kills, including a magician, the entire band doing the soundtrack, a karate battle that ends with a woman being impaled on a sprinkler that shoots literal geysers of blood and an issue of Gore Score read on the toilet.

This cost a grand to make and I assume that the budget went toward sending this backward in time so that it appeared to be made in the same time period as all those movies of the past that I love so much like BoardinghouseDay of the Reaper and Goblin. You can feel the love for those films while this is able to become its own unique film. It also remembers that an SOV film needs a metal soundtrack and this movie totally gets that right. Beyond worth your time. I want even more of this!

The SRS DVD also has a commentary track,  Blood Cannon Madness, a seance to reach Chas Balun for Gore Score, how the ciphers for the movie were made, a Tim Ritter interview and a trailer. You can buy it from MVD.

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