This is not the 1968 film Eva, la Venere selvaggia, also known as Kong Island, which was directed by Roberto Mauri. This is either Eve, Eva en la Selva, The Face of Eve, Eve in the Jungle or Diana, Daughter of the Wilderness. It was first directed by Jeremy Summers, who did plenty of work for British TV and written by Peter Welbeck, which explains how Jess Franco — along with Robert Lynn (the assistant director of Revenge of Frankenstein and Dracula A.D. 1972) — came to finish directing this, as Peter Welbeck is really Harry Alan Towers.

Celeste Yarnall, who plays Eve, was discovered by Ozzie and Ricky Nelson before being discovered by Towers at the Cannes Film Festival. She was also in Beast of Blood and “The Apple” episode of the original Star Trek but is best known as The Velvet Vampire.

Eve’s grandfather Colonel Stewart (Christopher Lee) has been looking for her and his business partner Diego (Herbert Lom) is working with a girl named Conchita (Rosenda Monteros, The Magnificent Seven) in a scam where she pretends to be Eve. There’s also a plane crash and a heroic pilot named Mike Yates (Robert Walker Jr., who is also famous for a Star Trek role, playing Charlie X in, well, the episode “Charlie X”) is coming in for the rescue.

There are cannibals, there is a jungle, there is an Incan treasure, there is a cabaret scene where Maria Rohm keeps on singing even though there’s a gigantic fight. It’s not great but you know, Celeste Yarnall in a bikini with a parrot and monkey as her pals. I can watch that.

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