JESS FRANCO MONTH: Les filles de Copacabana (1981)

Three students — Juanita (Michele Hermet), Juan (Leonardo da Costa) and Hans (Jérôme Foulon) — have grown listless with life in Paris and go to Brazil in search of adventure. Seeing as how Jess Franco directed and wrote this, well, they find it. A coming of age film from Jess? Yes. After all, he had aleady made Tenemos 18 años 22 years before.

Of course, the three are in the midst of a love triangle, even if they may not understand that, but at a young age our hormones always confuse what is really going on. This trip to Rio is actually a few hotel rooms and a clever use of stock footage but this film has some slapstick and good humor and perhaps I was in the right mood to look back on teen sex comedies — from more than just America — with fondness on the day that I watched this.

I also enjoyed that Hans would rather read Voltaire than get all of the women coming his way for some time.

So yeah, a Lemon Popsicle from the same man who brought us the sex and death at once that is Venus In Furs and Lina Romay demanding a prisoner clean her culo in Ilsa The Wicked Warden. Speaking of Lina, she shows up in a small role here, as does Nadine Pascal.

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