Tubi picks 29

Tubi picks are back. There’s so much on this streaming channel and it’s my duty to tell you the weird stuff.

1. Rondo and Bob: TUBI LINK

A wonderful documentary about Robert A. Burns and his connection to Rondo Hatton and what he did for filmmaking.

2. Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I have the Key: TUBI LINK

Has a movie ever had a better title and then more than was better than the title?

3. Meridian: TUBI LINK

Consider this Full Moon After Dark. Sexy monsters, people.

4. Spellcaster: TUBI LINK

Adam Ant and Bunty Bailey running around in Charles Band’s castle. What else do you want?

5. Magic Spot: TUBI LINK

A wonderful documentary about Robert A. Burns and his connection to Rondo Hatton and what he did Most time travel movies upset me because they set up a logic and then step all over that logic. In Magic Spot, Farley and Charles Roxburgh have created a movie that works on whatever level you want to watch it: as a Motern Media fan, as a lover of indie film, as someone looking for a romantic comedy, as a time travel story and so on. It’s also got some of the best songs I’ve heard in their movies.

6. El Escapulario: TUBI LINK

This movie looks beyond gorgeous, even as it shows scenes of condemned and hung men swinging after their deaths. Somehow uniting multiple genre and countries of cinema, as well as being folk horror by way of Mexican Catholicism, this movie finds death everywhere and still finds a reason to smile (and by frightened at the same time).

7. Vacation of Terror: TUBI LINK

This movie has it all. Bleeding walls, refrigerators teeming with rats and no small amount of snakes and spiders. It also has Julio, the affable teen who hopes to save the family and the babysitter that he is in love with.

8. The AGFA Horror Trailer Show: TUBI LINK

Unleashed from the dungeon of the American Genre Film Archive (AGFA), this is a compilation of some of the wildest, most insane trailers they could find. Trust me, I have so many trailer compilations and this one even surprised me with some of its entries.

9. Libido: TUBI LINK

When he was just a boy, Christian (Giancarlo Gianni, Black Belly of the Tarantula) watched his father kill a woman and then himself. Now he’s come back to the house where it all happened along with his wife Helene. The only others there are Paul (Luciano Pigozzi, who we all know was Pag in Yor Hunter from the Future) and his wife Brigitte (writer and direct Ernesto Gastaldi’s wife Mara Meryl). Also probably where Argento got the doll in Deep Red from.

10. 13 Tracks to Frighten Agatha Black: TUBI LINK

A stunning mix of giallo and early 70s regional horror influences combined with the horror of Halloween sound effects records to document a young woman perhaps losing her sanity.

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