Alien Platoon (1992)

N.G. Mount also directed Ogroff and Dinosaur from the Deep and he’s back here to tell the story of a super soldier that should be able to help their side win the war, but then you discover that he was built by Major Taylor who is really Jean Rollin and man, if you get a robot brain from the man known for fog, castles and haunted women heading for doom, chances are all you’re going to care about is catching some of those women. He’s the alien in the title. There is no platoon of aliens. There aren’t any aliens at all.

There are a lot of reviews that ask, “Why is Jean Rollin in this?”

This isn’t the only SOV video he was in directed by Mount. He’s also in Dinosaur from the Deep and the Reanimator remake remix rip-off Trepanator.

If you’re up for a movie that outcheaps Robowar, good news. This is it as the world’s greatest soldiers go into the German jungle to destroy the former criminal — the Fast Food Killer — turned cyborg called alien.

Yes, it’s as dumb as it sounds. Watch it.

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