WELL GO USA BLU RAY RELEASE: The Loneliest Boy In the World (2022)

Oliver (Max Harwood) is dealing with the sudden death of his mother and when he’s released from a psychiatric facility, he’s told he has one week to make a friend or go back. All he knows is watching Alf on TV and going to his mother’s gravesite to tell her the details of the creature from Melmac and his interactions with the Tanner family.

Yet when he learns of the death of a young boy around his age named Mitch (Hero Fiennes Tiffin). He decides to dig him up, as well as Susanne (Susan Wokoma), a young girl named Mel (Zenobia Williams), Frank (Ben Miller) and even a dog. He brings them home and sets them up on the couch and it makes him happy.

To his surprise, the next morning they’ve all come back to life and become his family.

Somehow, director Martin Owen (The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud) has taken a story that could have been totally presented as a serial killer origin and turned it into a family comedy with Oliver getting the sitcom mother, father, sister and brother he always wished he had. They teach him life lessons, show him how to talk to girls and how to be happy. Sure, they should be buried but everyone seems fine with their lives.

It has a dark concept — a lost young man in a world that doesn’t understand him that has to make his own world out of corpses — yet somehow it becomes innocent, candy-colored fun. Who would have thought?

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