Wrath of the Skunk Ape (1997)

Suburban Sasquatch came from West Chester, PA but the Skunk Ape is from Detroit and he’s the creation of Mike C. Hartman, who went on to direct ChubbiesBlood Orgy at Beaver Lake and Detroit Blood City. His enemy is Stinky Thumbs Arbuckle, a redneck who dreams of one day getting to kill him and there you go. You get forty minutes of that.

You know how Stanley Kubrick shot Barry Lyndon by candlelight, forcing one candle manufacturer to cancel all of their orders for a year so they could exclusively supply him with the only candles good enough for him, as well as how the candles were so hot, used so much oxygen and gave off so much choking smoke that the crew was in danger so they used of reflectors to amplify them so they wouldn’t  be in danger any longer? Yeah, this was shot on a camcorder in front of a campfire and looks nothing like the magic that Kubrick and director of photography John Alcott got in that movie. You just get blurry images of a man with a goofy fake accent battling another man in a monkey suit that has a zipper showing.

The real skunk ape mostly shows up in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, not Detroit, and nearly had a law passed in 1977 that was to keep Florida hunters from abducting or killing this creature. Forty-eight out of sixty-seven counties in Florida have had sightings since 2010 and you know, that’s not really a surprise, is it?

The skunk ape also, as you can expect from the name, stinks as bad as this movie.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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