Screamday (2001)

There are just three movies by Stefan Schipke — this, Blutgericht der Zombies and a sequel to this — and you know, you could look at this as scuzzy SOV throwaway dross but hey, it was reissued on DVD in Germany as part of Terror Compilation: Volume 1 (2000-2002), which is pretty wild when you think of it.

There’s definitely a crossover — beyond the simple of metal and horror — between black and speed metal lovers and the SOV gore obsessed. There’s the same yearning for someone to go harder and faster, to be true, to not worry if the drum sound or video quality is horrible as long as the blast beats are there and we get plenty of guts and chum. The voices and vocals sound the same. Inaudible. Unspeakable. We have no idea what’s happening but if we experience it enough we learn the riff or the gist and celebrate it, speaking names of arcane bands and lost movies either outside in the cold before shows or in chat windows, seeking new and better highs.

The fact that this ends with a poised karate battle that looks so legit gives me hope in this life.

Also: How the fuck does this have an entry on Letterboxd?

All hail altohippiegabber who posted this on YouTube and is keeping so much strange and not even posted to IMDB SOV alive.

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