JEAN ROLLIN-UARY: Lips of Blood (1975)

As he attends a media event that launches a new perfume, Frédéric (Jean-Loup Philippe) stares at a photo of a château by the sea, which reminds him of the days when he actually walked to the gates of that crumbling castle and met a girl inside not much older than him. He feels that she was trapped within that place after they met and despite his mother telling him it was all a dream, he feels as if it actually happened.

That woman is Jennifer (Annie Belle, Fly Me the French WayThe House On the Edge of the ParkAbsurd) and she’s been trying to reach out to our hero and he’s been struggling because his mother has sent women who claim they are Jennifer — yet get killed by vampires — and hired guns to keep her from finding this woman from his dreams.

After being committed by his mother, Frédéric learns that this place was Sauveterre Castle and his mother claims that he can never go there, as Jennifer really is a vampire and that she will destroy him. Let me tell you about gorgeous dangerous women, mother of Frédéric. This ends, as it must, with boy and vampire girl climbing inside a coffin so that the tide can drag them to Sand Island, a place where they can kill rich sailors without consequence, which is as close as Rollin gets to a happy ending.

Seeing the Castel twins appear as the servants of Jennifer made me happy, as if I were seeing two old friends from a distance and waving hello to them fervently.

Also, if you didn’t get that Frédéric is Jean Rollin, well, he made about six other vampire movies to clue you in on that. He’s also the caretaker who is killed by the vampiric thralls.

This was remixed and had Rollin use his Michel Gand name to re-release this gorgeous work of art as the adult film Suce-moi vampire, which is quite sad, as so much of this is about innocence to me.

You can watch this on Kino Cult.

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