Cinematic Void January Giallo 2023: No One Heard the Scream (1973)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Cinematic Void will be playing this movie on Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 7:00 PM at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, IL (tickets here). For more information, visit Cinematic Void.

Elisa (Carmen Sevilla) may be in her thirties yet she lives a life filled with the type of comforts younger women could never have, her entire life paid for in exchange for one weekend a month with her elderly lover Óscar (Antonio Casas). Yet she’s sick of him and decides to break things off, despite the fact that she could lose everything. Trying to relax before her luxury is gone, she is interrupted by her next door neighbor Miguel (Vicente Parra) who is waving around a gun and demanding that she help him get his dead wife Nuria (María Asquerino) out of the elevator shaft and disposed of.

Somehow, as they evade the police and deal with all sorts of twists in their pathway, these two fall in love. Miguel had dreams of being a writer once and settled for being a husband. Perhaps Elisa feels something of the same. She nearly drowns him at her estate at the lake as they throw his dead wife into the water and then decides to save him. The sexual tension is too much, eclipsed only by the longing that it sems like Miguel has for her nephew Tony (Tony Isbert) who isn’t just her nephew — or maybe he isn’t, this is a Spanish giallo — but also her lover.

Nonetheless, the two decide to finally become lovers and make love, then follow that up with plenty of pills and champagne. And then Elisa wakes up to a dead body sleeping next to her.

Director Eloy de la Iglesia, who wrote this with Antonio Fos and Gabriel Moreno Burgos, uses the voyeurism and murder within the giallo form to really get into his favorite subjects: socialism, the caste system and hot naked men. As you can imagine, this made the conservative film censors of Francisco Franco lose their minds.

This movie looks great and plays even better. It’s thanks to Severin that this movie ever made it to America. You can get it from them or watch it on Tubi.

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