Deadly Inheritance (1968)

A pre-Argento giallo, Omicidio per vocazione is about a railroad worker killed by a train and the deaths of his heirs as they attempt to claim his fortune. Directed by Vittorio Sindoni, who wrote the script with Aldo Bruno and Romano Migliorini, this has Inspector Greville (Tom Drake) trying to figure out who is killing off all these people.

The cast also includes Femi Benussi (Hatchet for the HoneymoonStrip Nude for Your Killer…indeed, her nude scene caused this film to not pass censors originally), Valeria Ciangottini (La Dolce Vita) and Jeannette Len (Crimes of the Black Cat).

Give it points for giallo originality. It takes place in a small village in France and steals more from Agatha Christie than Edgar Wallace. That said, it’s very by the numbers until the end reveal, but at least the bad people are beyond bad and it has a great alternate title: L’assassino ha le mani pulite (The Killer Has Clean Hands). It also has more than one — maybe — deaths by train. Also: death by golf club.

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