AMANDO DE OSSORIO WEEK: Pasión prohibida (1980)

Teresa (Susana Estrada) is an exotic dancer who leaves her work to go back to her small town fpr the funeral of her father. Once there, she meets Miguel (Emilio Álvarez), the younger brother she never watched grow up — as she escaped to the big city — and falls in lust with him. He feels the same attraction, yet wants the simpler life of marrying Marisol (María Rey).

A Spanish sex movie about a small fishing village and an incestual love. Hmm. Sounds like Jess Franco, hmm? Nope. This was made by Amando de Ossorio. It’s not as sexy or as strange as you want it, but you know, once you’ve seen this done ala Jess, it’s kind of hard to live up to it. It’s nice that de Ossorio stretched out and tried something new, but I kind of like when he’s killing people in the jungle or the Spanish countryside in slow motion with synth doom blasting over all the carnage.

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