DISMEMBERCEMBER: The Christmas Martian (1971)

The first children’s film ever made in Canada by a commercial studio independently of either the National Film Board of Canada or the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Le Martien de Noël is the first — retoactively — of the Tales for All kid movie series that also includes The Peanut Butter Solution

Before Quebec would give birth to child movies like Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang, director Bernard Gosselin and writer Roch Carrier made this movie which is…well, it’s pretty wild. Cathy and Frankie meet the Christmas Martian, who has literally fishnet over his face, when his flying saucer crash lands in the snow. What’s that alien’s name? Poo Flower.

The kids help Poo Flower fix his ship and escape a bunch of Earthlings chasing him when they aren’t eating candy or watching an alien turn into a llama. There isn’t much holiday stuff in it until the end, but then again, it has a weird alien flying with a magic wand and bubbles flying out everywhere. It’s not like any Christmas movie that would ever get made in our country, a strange piece of magic that’s lo fi but all heart. I’d never seen this before but wow, it made an impression.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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